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The rise of agriculture: Challenges for our diet and the environment

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Feeding the planet: Challenges and accountability

Latest estimates predict that, in 2050, world population will have reached 10 billion. So the question we have to ask is how can we feed 40% more people with our available resources?

These innovations allow industrialised countries to be ‘food secure’, meaning that they have stable access to food, both in terms of quantity and quality. However, such food security is not guaranteed in all parts of the world, and some populations still lack resources and access to food.

Certain populations are also witnessing drastic changes in their diet. A growing proportion of the world's population is adopting the diet of western countries, a diet very rich in animal proteins and fats.

In addition to the increase in population, this change in diet means that, by 2050, agricultural production will need to more than double if it is to meet the food needs of people and livestock. Under current conditions, and without harming natural resources, is this actually possible?

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