Processing food

Preserving food

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Processing to preserve

Why do we preserve food?

Techniques for preserving food help prevent food shortages. They also enable food to be transported as they slow down food decay caused by microorganisms.

What are microorganisms?

Bacteria, yeasts and moulds are living beings that are invisible to the naked eye, but they exist everywhere. Most of them are harmless, some of them can make us ill, and some can enrich food.

What influences the development of microorganisms?

Temperature, the presence of water or oxygen and acidity affect the proliferation of microorganisms.

How do we preserve food?

Various techniques for preserving food modify the temperature, the presence of water and oxygen, or the acidity of food to restrict or block the growth of microorganisms. We must also wash our hands and use clean utensils to avoid bringing microorganisms to food. We should make sure we store, cook and reheat food at the right temperatures to destroy any microorganisms in it or at least to stop them from multiplying.

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