Food and the 5 senses

Sight, hearing and touch

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Eating with your eyes

How is sight useful when we eat?
Sight gives us a first impression of the food we eat.

How does our sense of sight work?
Our eyes use receptors in the retina to pick up light rays.
These are known as rods, which are useful in the dark, and cones, which inform us about the colour and sharpness of objects.

How is this information transmitted?
The optic nerve transmits visual information to the brain very quickly. Our sense of sight tells us about the shape of food, about its colour, its size and its texture.

Is sight important?
Our sense of sight helps us know if a strawberry is ripe enough to eat. It also helps us distinguish between edible food and poisonous food.

Does sight create expectations?
Our sense of sight can influence us. Would you like to eat a blue apple or some green meat?
The colour red can be associated with red fruit and create the expectation of a strawberry aroma, for example.

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