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Cooking techniques

Why do we cook food?

Cooking is a thermal technique. It prevents contamination, as it destroys any microorganisms or toxins that may be present in food. It also makes food easier to digest and more appetising.

How do we cook food in water?

Food is either placed in cold water, which is then heated slowly, or immersed directly in hot water. The water transmits its heat to the food. Under normal conditions, the temperature of the water will not go over 100°C, so the food is cooked at this maximum temperature.

How do we cook food in oil?

Food is immersed in oil heated to a temperature of 160°C–180°C. As the food fries, it becomes deliciously crispy.

How do we use air to cook food?

If we cook food in an oven, this is cooking using hot air.

How do we steam food?

Food is placed in a sealed container and then put under pressure. This raises the boiling point of water to 140°C, which makes cooking time shorter and preserves vitamins and minerals better.

How is food cooked on a hot surface?

If food is put directly in a hot pot or a frying pan, this transmits the heat to the food. Adding fat will transmit the heat even better.

How is food cooked in a casserole dish?

A casserole dish allows food to cook slowly and evenly at a moderate temperature.

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