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The food pyramid

What is the food pyramid?

The food pyramid helps us balance our diet.

It contains all the food groups, which means that we must include all the groups in our diet. The broader the level, the more significant that food group should be in our diet.

Each country has its own dietary recommendations, so the way a balanced diet is illustrated can also vary from one country to another. In some illustrations, the notion of physical activity is included, suggesting the need to practise physical activity alongside a balanced diet.

Food, a source of pleasure!

Meals are moments for relaxing and sharing and, above all, should be a source of pleasure. To ensure we eat a balanced diet, we should combine food from the various food groups and in the right proportions. Quantity should also be adapted to individual needs.

What is the food plate used for?

The food plate helps us visualise the ideal composition of each meal:

  • 2/5 fruit and vegetables
  • 2/5 starchy food
  • 1/5 protein-rich food
  • The glass of water represents drinks.

Fats are not shown as they are included in cooking. Sweets have also been left out, as they are not part of a balanced meal and should not be consumed at every meal.

It is not essential to balance every meal, as it is easier to balance meals throughout the day.


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