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The role of the food groups

Which food group hydrates the body and helps circulation?
Water represents about 60% of your body weight. To compensate for water loss and to ensure we remain hydrated, we need to absorb 2 to 3 litres of water a day. This includes 1 to 2 litres through drinks, with the rest provided by the food we eat.
Water helps nutrients circulate throughout your body to your cells, where they are used.

Which food group plays a role in body function and protection?
The vitamins in fruit and vegetables play a role in body function and protection. Vitamins protect you from illness and help your body use the nutrients you take in.

Which food groups play a structural role?
The food in the meat group provides proteins to build muscles and skin. Dairy products contain minerals, such as calcium, which is vital for building bones and teeth.

Which food groups provide the body with energy?
Food in the cereals, fats and sugary products groups primarily provide energy. Your body constantly requires energy, even when you are asleep, to keep your heart beating and your blood circulating, so that you can breathe, walk and run, etc. Carbohydrates provide energy your body uses immediately, whereas energy from lipids is stored for lengthy energy expenditure.

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